Doubt over viral cat-called cyclist video

The video spread far and wide through the internet: a woman cyclist in the UK, cat-called by workers in a van, takes umbrage at their sexist comments and aggressively rips off their wing mirror in a rage.

It seemed too perfect to be true - so was it?

While no one has explicitly come out to say so, there is a suggestion it may have been faked.

The video was first posted on digital media company Jungle Creations' Facebook channel Viral Thread, where it was watched and shared by millions.

The company claims to be the sixth biggest media company in the world. They say they "create and curate the best content on the internet".

The video has since been taken down from all of their social media channels, with the company issuing a statement saying it received the video from a third party "under the impression it portrayed real-life events".

It now thinks the video "may be factually incorrect".

It distanced itself from the video, saying it was "in no way involved" in its making or production.

The company has even launched an internal investigation into how the video made it through their "rigorous" vetting process.

"We wholeheartedly apologise for confusion caused."

The Sun, which was one of many media outlets to publish the video, now claims to have spoken to a witness who saw those in the video being given instructions.

The person claimed the group had even done a few test runs, and the wing mirror the woman ripped off was already loose.

Watch the video again in this new light. Does it change your perception of whether it is real or not?