Former Australian Olympic great Grant Hackett found safe after going missing

Former Australian Olympian Grant Hackett has been found safe after family reported him missing, Nine News reports.

The swimming great had not spoken to his family since being taken away in handcuffs from his parents house after his father said he became "aggressive and abusive".

"When we spoke to him several hours ago, he just hung up when we asked him where he was," his father Nev said earlier. 

"He just became abusive and aggressive. When I say aggressive, verbally, and it was really obvious something was wrong," Nev added. 

Nine News is reporting that Hackett was found safe by police in Queensland on Thursday evening, and he told them he does not want anything to do with his family.

Mental health and addiction issues have plagued the champion swimmer since retiring in 2008.

"It is alcohol, and I suspect from time to time, prescription drugs," Nev says.

Grant acknowledged he had a problem, telling media that he "probably needed help" upon his release from custody on Wednesday.

However, he pushed the blame on his brother Craig on Instagram, claiming that Craig was an "angry man" who had attacked him.

It is unknown when this photo was taken.

Some of his run-ins include a violent altercation on Derby Day in 2011, resulting in Mr Hackett's Melbourne apartment being trashed and police called.

The following year he divorced his wife and then checked into rehab after an incident at a casino.

Last year, he was accused of being intoxicated on a flight and groping a passenger.

Hackett's family are just desperate to get him the help he needs.

"This is not Grant Hackett, this is a completely different person, I don't know this person, my Mum and Dad don't know this person," his brother Craig says. 


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