French woman drags massive lizard out of Australian restaurant by tail

A French waitress has been labelled a hero after she dragged a 180cm lizard out of a restaurant as customers applauded her bravery.

Samia Lila was working in the packed southern New South Wales restaurant when a customer raised the alarm about the goanna.

"Everyone was screaming, so I started screaming too," Ms Lila says. 

Goannas can be dangerous. They can muster considerable force with their tails, but there's been plenty of debate whether their bites are venomous, or just enough to cause bacterial infection. 

None of that stopped the 25-year-old waitress, who showed no fear and no mercy, dragging the scaly patron from Mimosa Winery past customers standing on their chairs in fear. 

The tail-first technique was something she learnt from her boss, who once told her how he dragged a goanna from his shower. 

The experience hasn't put the self-proclaimed lizard lover off her job or Australia.

Ms Lila is still planning to work through until winter before seeing some of Aussie's sights - some more reptiles, perhaps?