Futurist's zero-money society run by a computer

  • 27/02/2017

It's a new type of civilisation whose founders promise won't err towards capitalism, communism, fascism or socialism - and the concept for the utopian society has taken 40 years to bring to life.

American Jacque Fresco and his long-time partner Roxanne Meadows have spent the past four decades on their Florida lifestyle block working on their idea, which they've dubbed 'The Venus Project'.

The 100-year-old futurist will die long before such a society would be created, but he hopes his idea for a civilisation that is not restricted by war, politics or poverty will eventually take shape.

According to Mr Fresco, the idea for his society is that rather than a government calling the shots, a central computer would assess the requirements of its citizens and distribute resources as they're needed. The computer would not be able to be corrupted, he claims.

Ms Meadows told Futurism magazine she believes the 'Venus Project' will be a place "where technology and the methods of science are applied to redesigning our social system with the prime concern being to maximise quality of life rather than profit".

In fact, 'profit' will no longer be a concept - at least not in the current sense. The

'Venus Project' would do away with money and use artificial intelligence systems to determine the social problems that need to be resolved instead.

Mr Fresco and Ms Meadows have since started to construct a smaller version of their 'Venus Project' on their 21-acre Florida property. They've since planted hundreds of trees and created cheap, mass-produced housing.

Fundraising for the project is currently being carried out, though it remains uncertain whether Mr Fresco's idea will ever come to fruition.