Gone with the wind: Barack Obama kite-surfs with Richard Branson

Now that Barack Obama has left the White House, he's making up for lost time by indulging in some adrenaline sports - and competing with a billionaire.

As president Mr Obama was banned from tackling dangerous activities.  

But now the private citizen has been kicking back with Richard Branson in the British Virgin Islands. 

Mr Branson said the former president had been surfing on a dangerous break in Hawaii just before he became president and was discouraged to repeat the ocean sport. 

Mr Obama was told by the head of security that it would be the last time he'd surf for eight years.

Mr Branson said, "For the next eight years he didn't have the chance to surf, enjoy water sports or do many of the things he loved."

So, Mr Branson set a challenge, to see if Mr Obama could learn to kite surf before he could learn to foil board. 

"We agreed to have a final day battle to see who could stay up the longest," Mr Branson said. 

Although the pair were neck-and-neck, it was Mr Obama who eventually took out the friendly challenge, surfing 100m on his kite board. Mr Branson only managed 50m.


Mr Branson was pleased to have provided a getaway for the family.

"It was a huge honour to be able to invite President Barack and Michelle Obama down to the British Virgin Islands for a complete break."