Grumpy elephant throws tourist through air

Grumpy elephant throws tourist through the air
She barely escaped being impaled on his tusks (LiveLeak)

A tourist in Thailand has learned a painful lesson about why you never annoy an elephant.

The volunteer was washing the elephant's trunk with a sponge in a river when the animal took offence.

He threw her through the air with his trunk - only barely missing impaling her on his tusks.

She landed heavily several metres away.

"I went to Thailand with a group of friends after planning the trip for about eight months," she told Liveleak.

"Elephants were my favourite animal. Elephant things are all over my desk at work. I have elephant clothes and elephant kitchen tools. So, going to the elephant sanctuary was supposed to be the highlight of my trip.

"I was also planning on getting an elephant bamboo tattoo while I was in Thailand, which I definitely didn't do after this experience. I went from loving elephants, to now being terrified of them."

Fortunately she escaped unhurt, and can be seen getting back to her feet in the video.