Half-naked Australian filmed in sickening train fight

  • 21/02/2017

A sickening fight has been filmed on a train near Adelaide, putting public transport safety under scrutiny.

The brawl on the Gawler-line train appears to have been captured by a passenger, and obtained by 7 News. It shows a shirtless man exchanging heavy punches with another man.

They throw each other around the carriage before the shirtless man hurls the other man to the floor, punches him, and puts him in a headlock.

The footage has outraged public transport users, who are calling for increased security on trains.

"The footage is to prove this happens on trains, not about the individuals pictured. There needs to be security officers on EVERY train, not just those trams that are in the city. It's like they think crime only happens in the CBD," commented Xander McConnell on Facebook.