'I ain't 80!' Elderly woman snaps after journalist's age exaggeration

A 75-year-old woman caught in a series of tornadoes in New Orleans has responded in the most sassy way imaginable to a journalist's exaggeration of her age.

In a live broadcast, WDSU reporter Kellie Brown told viewers Constance Landry had "been through just about everything" in her "almost 80 years".

However, Ms Landry did not take kindly to Ms Brown rounding her age up, and was quick to correct her live on air.

"I ain't no 80-year-old," she retorted, before the situation was made even worse when Ms Brown tried to correct it by saying she was 76, prompting Ms Landry to interject again.

Later in the interview, another feisty response captured viewers when Ms Brown asked whether Ms Landry would return to New Orleans when the tornadoes had died down.

"Is an elephant heavy?" she asked, presumably rhetorically, before finishing her answer with a resounding "I'm coming back, baby".

Although no deaths were reported in New Orleans, the strong winds destroyed homes and flipped cars in the city.

The tornadoes injured 31 people and left more than 9000 residents without power since striking on February 7.