Jellyfish carpet Queensland beach

Blue blubber jellyfish in Queensland
Blue blubber jellyfish in Queensland (Charlotte Lawson / Facebook)

Did you think New Zealand waters were rife with jellyfish in summer? Consider yourself lucky you're not swimming in Queensland.

Thousands of blue blubber jellyfish have blanketed at Deception Bay, in a phenomenon known as a 'bloom'.

Local Charlotte Lawson shared photos of the bizarre sight on Facebook, titling the post: "Got jelly."

Blue blubber jellyfish
Blue blubber jellyfish (Charlotte Lawson / Facebook)

The images show the shiny blue creatures carpeting the sand of the beach, with barely any space to walk between them.

"It was like bubble wrap across the beach," Ms Lawson told the BBC.

Blue blubber jellyfish
(Charlotte Lawson / Facebook)

Marine biologist Dr Lisa-Ann Gershwin told ABC News it's not a common sight.

"This is jaw dropping," she said, adding that it was the biggest bloom she had seen in 25 years.

The carpet of jellyfish spread about six metres wide, she estimated.

The blue blubber jellyfish can measure up to 35 centimetres across, but it is not considered dangerous to humans.

"The stranding isn't a great concern for the ecosystem as they will dry out and we won't even know they're there in a week," Dr Gershwin said.