Justin Trudeau braces for handshake with Donald Trump

United States President Donald Trump has developed a reputation for unusual handshakes, but his latest official White House visitor has shown him how it's done.

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived at the White House for his first face-to-face meeting with Mr Trump. They both smiled as they greeted each other warmly for the cameras before the Canadian leader was ushered inside.

Video shows Mr Trudeau jumping out of his car, taking Mr Trump's outreached hand and quickly grasping the US leader's shoulder firmly.

Sitting down before the cameras, Mr Trudeau made another efficient handshake when the President reached out. A split-second expression on the Canadian leader's face was caught on camera and is quickly making its way around social media. 

Justin Trudeau Donald Trump handshake
Donald Trump reaches out for a handshake with Justin Trudeau (Reuters)

Mr Trump's handshakes have become known for their twitchy style, which often look like the commander in chief is trying to tug the recipient's arm off.

Last week Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's White House visit made headlines for its awkward length and the look on Mr Abe's face upon eventual release.

Earlier in January, a video of Mr Trump congratulating Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch showed him wrench the judge's body towards him in a vigorous greeting.

Despite disagreeing on a number of issues, Mr Trudeau says he expects the two to find "a lot" of common ground.

"America is deeply fortunate to have a neighbor like Canada," Mr Trump told local media.

"Relationships between neighbours are pretty complex, and we won't always agree on everything," Mr Trudeau said.