Kidnappers free victim while stuck in traffic jam

Warning: Video contains extreme violence which may upset some viewers

Kidnappers in India were forced to free their victim after becoming stuck in traffic moments after forcing the man into their car. 

India Today reported that the incident unfolded when the driver of a Mercedes refused to pay a 60 rupee (NZ$1.25) toll in the city of Gurgaon, southwest of New Delhi. 

Ninety minutes later, the same Mercedes returned, accompanied by 15 cronies on foot. Together they abducted the toll booth manager at gunpoint and drove off. 

CCTV footage shows the men, who made it 150m down the road, attacking the defenseless victim. 

But the kidnapping was cut short; they got stuck in a traffic jam soon after and had no choice but to free the worker.  

It capped off a rough week at work for the man, who had been threatened at work days before by a local Congress leader.