Kiwiana New York restaurant's Trump dig

the receipt with an immigration joke at the bottom
The jibe at the bottom of the bill (Twitter)

A Kiwi restaurant in New York is making a small dig at Donald Trump with every meal served.

At the bottom of every bill printed are the words: "Immigrants make America great (they also cooked your food and served you today)."

A photo of the bill went viral on Twitter after a local snapped and shared a photo of the receipt, captioned simply: "Breakfast in Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn restaurant serves up food with a Kiwi flair - whitebait latkes (a shallow-fried potato pancake), a cheeseboard with ANZAC biscuits, pavlova and New Zealand lamb.

Owner and chef Mark Simmons told DNA New York the note was in response to President Donald Trump's "ridiculous" executive order suspending travel from seven Muslim-majority countries and immediately stopping the US refugee programme.

There are workers from about five different countries at the restaurant and Mr Simmons is an immigrant himself - he was born and raised on a New Zealand sheep farm.

The 90-day travel ban enacted by Mr Trump came to a standstill on Friday after a Seattle judge suspended the order.

Mr Trump says the measures are to protect the country against terrorism.

But in his ruling on Friday, Judge James Robart said no attacks had been carried out in the US by individuals from the seven banned countries.