'Make him cry!' Autistic boy beaten in horrific assault

A group of teenagers have been arrested after cruelly bullying an autistic boy in a school playground in New South Wales.

One member of the trio then posted a series of videos of the assault on Facebook, and later bragged on his profile about the number of views it had garnered.

The 15-year-old boy being attacked in the video has autism, and he is heard screaming out of fear as the boys surround him, hurling verbal abuse and attempting to land blows with their fists and feet.

At one point, the boy filming the incident can be heard urging the other two to "make him cry".

The victim and his mother reported the assault to police and the boys have since been arrested.

Two of the teenagers will appear in a children's court on March 7, according to reports from Australia, while the other, who is 19, will appear in Wyong Local Court a day later.

A person claiming to be the victim wrote a post on his Facebook saying that it was not the first time the trio had picked on him.

"I got kicked in the face and the ribs got puched got my head slammed into a concrete wall … I am all good now they are just f****** c**** who think they could pick on me all the time," the post read.