Man brutally beaten with nail-studded bats on Bondi Beach

A man has been brutally beaten with nail-studded bats on Sydney's Bondi beach on Thursday, possibly over a love interest.

It's reported by Australia's 7News that victim Michael Nicholas was involved with a woman with biker gang connections.

It's alleged he had previously been threatened with knuckle-dusters at a restaurant.

This time he wasn't so lucky to get away.

Mr Nicholas was chased and savagely beaten by men armed with metal bars and baseball bats studded with nails.

"I could see a guy being beaten with some sort of object - I couldn't see what object, but he was being beaten and there was screaming and shouting and chaos," witness Chris O'Neill told 7News.

"He looked pretty messed up, above his eye was in a pretty bad state."

Another witness told of the sickening attack.

"You can imagine the sound when those nails were puncturing his skin," they said.

"He looked up and all you could see was red. His face was drenched in blood.

"They just kept hitting him in the face while he was on the ground."

A semi-conscious Mr Nicholas tried to flee, stumbling to the beachfront where he collapsed.

"He was running for his life, sorta thing, he was just trying to get away," Mr O'Neill said.

The attackers fled in a white Mercedes-Benz. Mr Nicholas was taken to hospital in a stable condition.