Man tweets ex's apology letter, annotated and graded

Nick says some of the claims weren't backed up  (Twitter / NickLutz12)
Nick says some of the claims weren't backed up (Twitter / NickLutz12)

A man has graded and returned a letter written to him by his ex-girlfriend, but not before posting the whole thing to Twitter for the world to see.

Nick Lutz photographed all four pages of the letter, which he had annotated and graded.

"When your ex writes you an apology letter so you grade it to send back", he wrote.

His annotations make it clear he does not believe her claims that she never cheated on him. His annotations note several times that she is "missing details" and gives her an overall D-.

"Long intro, short conclusion, strong hypothesis but nothing to back it up", he wrote.

In the letter, his ex-girlfriend says she had allowed her love to "deteriorate", and that she has done much thinking and growing since the break-up.

"I always complained that you were the one too immature, and never taking anything seriously - seems like it was the other way around. I started irrelevant arguments. If there was one thing I never did to you no matter if you believe me or not - I never cheated on you," she wrote.

He's not letting his moment of internet fame slip him by.

"Who wants to get lunch?" he tweeted on Sunday night.