Massive pancake record attempt crumbles into disaster

Chefs in the Russian town of Yalutorovsk tackled an immense baking challenge on Sunday (local time), trying to break the country's record for the largest pancake.

The pancake was made of milk and flour, and measured 3 metres across.

Chef Larisa Makarova said it was the group's 11th attempt.

"People would like us to [be able to] flip it and would be happy for us, for our team, for our city."

But the flip quickly turned to a flop, crumbling into pieces over a roaring bonfire.

It wasn't all bad - the remains were still edible, and were shared out among spectators.

It was part of the folk holiday Maslenitsa, also known as Pancake Week, which event organiser Lyudmila Kryazheva says represents the moment you "sum up your life for the whole year".

"People are happy and ring the winter out; we give all winter hassle to Maslenitsa and it carries everything away. And finally, we burn [the Maslenitsa figure] and welcome spring."

As well as the giant pancake attempt, the festivities saw music, dance and activities for children.