Meet the man dubbed the 'Dutch Trump'

A right-wing populist politician dubbed "The Dutch Trump" has launched his election campaign in the Netherlands with an attack on Moroccan immigrants. 

Leader of the anti-Islam "Freedom Party" Geert Wilders, who sports a bouffant hairstyle rivalling Donald Trump's, delivered his jibe in English for the benefit of the international press.

But it's not the first time he's said something like this - at a political rally in March 2014, Wilders asked supporters if they wanted more or fewer Moroccans.

It was so deeply offensive that more than 5000 citizens joined a class action suit against the politician, suing him for discrimination. 

He was convicted for this, but was not punished. 

Curiously, Wilders, who dyes his flowing hair peroxide-blonde, has some immigrant blood himself. His mother's side is from Indonesia.

Last month, in a poll by a Dutch current affairs TV show, Wilders was named his country's Politician of the Year. It was his fourth win. 

However, the Dutch electoral system makes it difficult for Wilders to form a government even if he wins the popular vote because mainstream parties have ruled out working with him.