Mocked for her freckles, now she's a top model


A San Diego teen has turned the effect of being bullied into a career by being signed up by a modelling agency.

Salem Mitchell, 18, says her popularity grew when she was made fun of about the way she looks.

"I got popular on social media mostly by people making fun of me," she said.

"I have a lot of freckles, which I don't see as a problem, but apparently a lot of people haven't seen them before. People would say I looked like a banana or a cheetah or like I had a skin disease." 

Ms Mitchell took it upon herself to make the most of it.

"If people are going to laugh at me, I'm going to laugh with them and I'm going to be in charge of the jokes that are about me. [The bananas] kind of looked like me," she said.

Photographers were swiftly in touch with the teen to use her talents.

Since her posts to Twitter she has since modelled for the likes of Vogue, Gucci and even for pop sensation Beyonce.

The up and coming model has now been signed by New York-based Ford Modelling agency.