Model's death-defying dangle off a 73-storey skyscraper

  • 17/02/2017

Warning, don't try this at home (if your home happens to be a 73-storey high skyscraper).

Instagram Model Viki Odintcova has posted photos and videos on her social media of a death-defying stunt -  all in the name of likes. 

In the video, the 22-year-old can be seen hanging from the edge of a Dubai skyscraper, clinging to an assistant's hand.

 The skyscraper is the Cayan Tower, which was the world's tallest building in 2013.

The model was not attached a safety harness to prevent her from falling, and it appears neither was the assistant.

At one point in the clip, Ms Odintcova climbs down off the ledge and dangles from the assistant's arm with one hand.

While a photo from the shoot has received almost 80,000 likes, commenters were quick to point out the stupidly of the stunt.

"Girl you are a disgrace for Intelligence.  #moron I hope they banned you for life from Dubaï after that you idiot, you should be boycotted for promoting dangerous behaviour and arrested" wrote one Instagrammer. 

"Speechless by the amount of stupidity. No apparent safety equipment or precautions. If this becomes a trend I really will lose faith in humanity," writes another commenter.

The photographer also posted a picture from the shoot.