'My f***ing brother' stabbed me - manslaughter victim to police

Wayne Brown was killed at his Cranbourne home last June (Victoria Police)
Wayne Brown was killed at his Cranbourne home last June (Victoria Police)

As Victoria man Wayne Brown lay dying, his final words to police led them right to his killer: "My f****ing brother".

The details of the manslaughter were made public on Monday after 38-year-old Wayne's brother Shane, 33, pleaded guilty in court.

Wayne was stabbed in his Cranbourne home, a semi-rural area about 50km southeast of Melbourne, where he had been living with his parents, his partner and their daughter, Fairfax media reports.

His family initially wouldn't give up the killer or say what weapon was used, but in the end, they didn't need to.

When police and paramedics arrived at the house in June last year, Wayne was still alive. But he later died at the scene.

As police administered first aid, they asked who had injured him.

"My f****ing brother," Wayne, who had a history of family violence, replied.

His brother handed himself into police the next day and has been in custody since. He told police he regretting stabbing his brother, but said he "had to be stopped".

On the night he died, police say Wayne had become abusive to his partner and his father had tried to calm him down.

"The deceased continued to abuse his father and all members of the family who were present for up to an hour," police said.

Shane reported hearing Wayne calling his family 'scum' from his bedroom, he told his older brother to say that to his face.

Wayne was asked to leave, but he refused.

As tensions rose, Shand stabbed his brother in the chest, threw the knife into his wardrobe and the left the home.

The family initially said they thought Wayne had hit his daughter and partner, which they both denied.

Shane pleaded guilty to manslaughter at the Melbourne Magistrates Court after the initial murder charge was withdrawn.