New documentary shows Aussie racism at its worse

  • 24/02/2017

A new documentary shows just how racist Australia is - and it's bad.

Footage was captured for the SBS show Is Australia Racist, and displays the racial hatred of the Aussie public.

In one incident, a Muslim woman was subjected to an expletive-filled tirade over her clothes.

A man confronts her and begins interrogating her over why she's wearing a niqab.

"Well, why don't you dress like other Australians. They dress with a f*** face! Where's your f***ing face?" he asks.

"What are you hiding from? F**** Allah?"

He then tells her to "f*** off".

The woman, a 22-year-old law student called Rahila, moved to Australia from Afghanistan six years ago, and said this was the first time she'd worn a niqab.

She agreed to be filmed for the documentary.

"At that moment I was so shocked I didn't know how to react," she says,

"I did feel traumatised. I didn't imagine that level of hate."

A survey from Western Sydney University on race and prejudice was done for the documentary - and made some shocking findings.

Muslim women said that 77 percent of them had been the victim of racism on the street or on public transport.

Nearly a third said they had suffered racism in an educational facility.

Almost half of indigenous Australians said they had experienced racism while attending sporting events.


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