NSW Police to take action against cop kill game

  • 17/02/2017

A modified version of violent video game Grand Theft Auto that depicts New South Wales police officers shooting suspects and being run over has surfaced online.

The person who programmed the game has gone to lengths to ensure it's realistic - officers have the same vehicles and uniforms as they do in real life.

New South Wales Police are planning to take action against the game's designers.

NSW Police Minister Troy Grant has described the game as perverse, and says it gives "a false impression about what the role of police is".

Grand Theft Auto is one of the world's most popular and successful video game series, allowing the gamer to steal vehicles, commit violent acts and engage in criminal activities.

The creator of the modified version has made it available on the internet, and Mr Grant says he worries that the hordes of people playing it will be desensitised to the risks police face.

New South Wales firefighters and federal police also feature in the adaptation.