Police chase highway piglets in battle of wits

Police in southwest China's Guizhou Province had their hands full as they struggled to out-think more than 40 escaped piglets on a highway.

According to the police, the incident occurred when a truck driver - named Jin - was driving at a high speed on a slippery road on Wednesday (local time). His vehicle overturned, and over 40 piglets escaped onto the motorway from his vehicle.

Officers at the scene found the piglets strolling along the highway with their tails wagging back and forth, with no intention of returning to their vehicular prison.

The police tried to corral the piglets, but the cunning little creatures caught on to what was going on and started to flee in all directions.

It was a battle of wits - and the police were losing.

Having no choice, the police sealed the right lane of the highway and diverted traffic to maintain order.

They then slowly directed the piglets towards the roadside and boxed them in with vehicles while they called the road administration department for help.

After three hours of work, all the piglets were loaded into a van and the overturned truck was removed from the accident scene. Traffic returned to normal afterwards.