Pornhub launches teaching platform

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The new site aims to help people with their sexual health and relationships (Getty)

If you thought that Pornhub was just a site that provided a hub for porn, think again. 

The popular porn website has launched a new online platform this week, dedicated to education and advice for sexuality, sexual health and relationships, aptly titled the Pornhub Sexual Health Centre.

The free resource will feature written pieces from doctors, therapists, and other experts. 

The Pornhub Sexual Health Centre will be run by Laurie Betito, an American clinical psychologist and author specialising in sex therapy. 

"One thing I have realised is that, no matter our background or desires, sexual education - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual - plays a vital role in our society," Benito said in a statement. 

"It has always been a dream to connect with, educate and inform people all over the world on a massive scale."

The site will also feature regular contributions from experts such as trans community leader Sophia Banks and sex coach Stacy Friedman, among others. 

Perhaps this means won't be blocked in your workplace anymore. But I doubt it.