Rainbow Warrior bomber linked to terror attack business

One of the spies responsible for bombing the Rainbow Warrior is linked to a business that helps manage the risk of terror attacks.

At a Paris expo for emergency and rescue services - Joël Prieur is a highly sought after expert.

He's the husband of Dominique Prieur - one of the French spies responsible for sinking the rainbow warrior, killing photographer Fernando Pereira.

A retired military general, he now runs a private business consulting in risk management in Paris - including "terrorist risk".

He won't say whether his wife works with him, helping him advise on issues of terrorism.

Greenpeace still considers the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior state-sponsored terror.

Dominique Prieur and Alain Mafart were convicted of manslaughter for their role in the attack.

Ms Prieur left intelligence to work for the French Defence Ministry. In 2008 her husband had her transferred to work for him at Paris' military fire brigade where he was commander.

Mr Prieur won't say if she's working for him now.

Nor would he tell Newshub anything about his client Zodiac.

It was a Zodiac dingy smuggled to New Zealand from France that was used to plant the bombs on the Rainbow Warrior.

Ms Prieur and Mafart returned to France after the bombing. They're obviously trying to move on from what happened at the port of Auckland more than 30 years ago.

But neither publicly apologised, both were honoured when they got back here and they only served a fraction of their sentences.

Ms Prieur's sentence was cut short having been extradited to French atoll Hao where her husband was then transferred as Head of Security.

She was soon pregnant and sent back to France where she was promoted to Major.

Mr Prieur did reply to Newshub's email but didn't answer questions about this, instead adding that "Dominique doesn't want to speak anymore on this affair".

Newshub asked if she wanted to apologise publicly but heard nothing back.