Red back spider kills baby snake, people are angry

  • 16/02/2017

In a battle to the death between a snake and a red back spider in Australia, the spider has come off the unlikely victor. 

Northern Vic Engines, an Australian mechanic company, has posted a video of the deadly attack, in which a red back can be seen lowering itself down from a web and climbing on to the snake.

The snake begins to writher around as the spider grips onto it.

Northern Vic Engines has attracted criticism as some viewers claim there is a hook visible in the snake's neck, and they are outraged that the company has possibly trapped the snake with the spider and watched it die.

"Go out to educate yourselves on how important and amazing reptiles are," Kylie Gardner posted.

Taska Rigby posted "What sort of company intentionally sets this sort of abuse up?" 

And Anderson Adam posted "Like to explain the hook in this poor little snakes neck you disgusting pieces of shit?"