Rolf Harris' second trial drawing to close in London

Behind blacked out windows in an armoured van Rolf Harris was ferried from prison to Southwark Crown Court today, having been found guilty of sex offences at a trial at the court three years ago.

A new trial with new charges is drawing to a close, with both sides summing up their cases and making a last ditch attempt to win over the jury.

The jury in the trial of the entertainer has been told he's adept at groping girls and women right under the noses of others, but his defence team says the reason no one noticed is because it never happened.

The prosecution began by laying out the trial by numbers. Seven women say that Harris groped them, four were aged 16 years or younger, and all seven alleged incidents happened with other people nearby.

They say that among the Australian entertainer's many talents he "has the propensity, it's in his nature, to indecently assault girls and women" and he's very good at "getting away with a sly, quick grope without anyone noticing".

Harris's Defence team hit back saying there's a reason no one noticed and that's because "what they're (the claimants are) saying isn't true".

They asked why after all these years "four of the seven claimants kept mementos - like photos and autographs - from their meetings with Harris".

In front of Harris' niece and a few other supporters, the defence will finish its closing statement tomorrow.

Having appeared for most of his trial via video link from prison, Harris has been forced to appear in person for these final moments - the closing speeches, summing up and verdict.

He sits in the glass walled room which serves as a dock at Southwark Crown Court, but whatever the jury decides in this second trial has no bearing on the first, and he will head back to prison regardless.