Shark pup fights back after being picked up for photo

The shark pup attacking the tourist
The shark pup attacking the tourist

A tourist in Brazil has been given a stern reminder why people shouldn't be picking up wild animals for a photo.

She was on vacation on Fernando de Noronha when she grabbed a baby lemon shark swimming in the shallows.

But the pup chomped down, leaving the woman struggling to free her hand.

It took another two people joining the fray before the woman finally managed to extract herself.

She tossed it back into the water with a smile, apparently unaffected - but she wasn't left smiling for long.

The area was a marine park and the lemon shark, an endangered species, was protected.

The woman and her husband, who was with her, were fined 10,000 real (NZ$4455) each, and the woman received four stitches in her hand.

The Fernando de Noronha National Marine Park says the area provides a unique opportunity for people to experience a protected, natural environment.

"We must observe it and contemplate it, interfering as little as possible," it says.

"This is a sign of respect for other living beings and guarantees the perpetuation of this environment and the species that live in it."

It comes less than two weeks after disturbing video emerged of a baby dolphin dying after being passed around for photos in Argentina.