Syrian women burn niqabs as Islamic State driven out of town

Moving footage has emerged of the moment a group of Syrian women remove and burn their veils after their township is released from Islamic State (IS) control.

Residents of the al-Naimi district of Manbij, a city just northeast of battle-worn Aleppo, are seen taking to the streets in droves in celebration of the terrorist group being driven out.

Many women, forced to wear niqabs while IS controlled the region, laughed as they removed them and set them aflame.

Several of them toast to their newfound freedom with speeches about how restricted they felt under IS regulation.

"Damn this stupid invention that they made us wear," one woman is heard saying about the garment she lit ablaze.

"We're humans, we have our freedom."

Another woman reflected on how their life had changed since the terrorist group took control of the area.

"They banned television, the telephone, they took all the meat, they took all the bread, we've been living in hunger," another said after adding her veil to the flames.

"They took our men and killed them, they trapped our people in prisons. We want them back."

The footage is believed to have been filmed by Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces, who are one of the main opposition groups against IS.