Teen flipped, falls head-first in brutal hit-and-run

  • 28/02/2017

CCTV footage has emerged of the moment a car drove onto the pavement and knocked a 17-year-old girl to the ground in the British city of Birmingham before speeding off.

The teen was walking along the road with her mother on Saturday night (local time) when the car pulled out of the intersection behind her.

In doing so, the driver is surprised at how quickly a car has come down the street perpendicular - and in what appears to be an effort to get out of its way, mounts the pavement and knocks the girl violently to the ground.

It then races off down the road.

The teenager's fall is forceful, and she lands on what appears to be her head or shoulders. She was taken to hospital with serious neck and head injuries, and authorities say she remains "in shock from what happened".

West Midlands Police are now calling on anyone with details on the hit-and-run from a dark-coloured BMW 5 Series to come forward.