'That's nasty': Daycare worker breastfeeds baby without permission

A furious mother is hoping to press charges against a woman who was caught on tape breastfeeding her child, without permission.

North Carolina police are investigating the incident as misdemeanour child abuse but have yet to file charges.

Kaycee Oxendine says a worker at Carrboro Early School asked twice to breastfeed Ms Oxendine's three-month-old son, who was constipated, to see if it would help him.

"She said that she had a son and did I want her to put my child to her breast and breastfeed? And I said no, that's nasty. We don't do things like that," Ms Oxendine says.

She twice rejected the worker's offer and was horrified to see shortly after she left the room, the worker breastfed her son for several seconds.

"My baby couldn't say, 'No, don't do that'," Ms Oxendine says.

The three-month-old was born prematurely and is lactose intolerant, unable to have any milk products. Ms Oxedine had to rush the baby to hospital that evening because she says he became ill and was vomiting.

Daycare director Daron Council says the woman no longer works at the centre, however Ms Oxedine wants more action to be taken.

"Not only did you put your breast to my son, you also made my son sick," she says.

"I would hate for any parent, any family to have to go through what me and my family have had to go through."