Tiger clawing drone from sky footage from tiger farm

Footage of a tiger clawing a drone from the sky emerged yesterday - but it has since been revealed the video originated from a Chinese slaughter farm.

The video, showing a streak of tigers trying to tear the drone down mid-flight, comes from Siberian Tiger Park in the city of Harbin, one of approximately 200 tiger farms in China.

The 1 million square metre park allows customers to pre-purchase live meals for the big cats. A cow is the most expensive item on the menu, costing NZ$34.70.

It's ranked sixth on the TripAdvisor list of things to do in Harbin, the site awarding it a certificate of excellence.

The farm also specialises in treats for humans, including pelts, meat and its specialty, "bone wine", which is made from tigers. 

Trainers say the drone stunt was part of a plan to keep the felines fit after welfare organisation Born Free Foundation raised concerns about the "obese, sick" tigers.