Kiwi surfer bites back at Kelly Slater's call for shark cull

Kiwi surfer Luke Cederman has launched a video campaign belittling Kelly Slater's call for a shark cull at a popular surfing site. 

Slater, an American world champion, has been criticised over his call for a daily shark cull at Reunion Island after a man was fatally mauled in the 20th attack in six years.

Cederman, a professional surfer based at Raglan, begins his video by admiring Slater's new wave pool, before arguing it is a distraction from Slater's recent controversial calls to cull sharks.

Cederman suggests that water, puppies, kittens and people should also be targeted if culling sharks is going be considered to improve safety. 

The Kiwi surfer argues that 543,622 people were killed through drowning last year, and so we should also cull water. He takes the tongue in cheek argument one step further also arguing that since people kill people, Slater should argue for a "people cull".

Cederman admits that he may be taking things "a little out of context, and jumping to irrational and highly illogical conclusions".

But he jokes that given that it's 2017, "that's just the way we live right now".


kelly slater luke cederman shark cull
Kelly Slater (file)
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