'Trash man' wears his rubbish for a month


Rob Greenfield has made a strong - and smelly - statement about the impact of waste on the environment

The American describes himself as an "adventurer and activist". He's known online for his videos of a rubbish-free lifestyle, where he tries to make a minimal impact on the environment by reusing and reducing any waste he produces.

But for 30 days, he turned the tables by "living like the average America" - "eating, shopping, consuming just like so many of us are used to".

The catch? He wore every single piece of rubbish he created on his own body.

The only exception was used toilet paper, which he said "went down the toilet as usual".

While the video of the New Yorker trying to navigate daily life covered in bags of rubbish is humorous, the clip makes a serious point about the amount of environmental pollution we produce every day.

Mr Greenfield undertook the experiment to show viewers how much rubbish the average person produces in a day, a little over two kilograms. 

As Mr Greenfield says "It was hard enough just wearing my own trash for a month, imagine how the planet feels".

The post has received over 1000 comments on Facebook, with users saying Mr Greenfield's experiment had made them more aware of their own rubbish consumption.