Truckies' $17.2m workplace Lotto feud finally settled

Mr Baron outside his home in his dressing gown
Gary Baron's former colleagues accuse him of duping them out of their share of a huge Powerball win (Current Affair)

A long-running feud over a Powerball-winning lottery ticket has finally been settled.

A courier for Toll, Gary Baron, was taken to court by 14 of his colleagues, who say they deserved a split of his $17.2 million winnings.

The Supreme Court trial was abandoned during the lunch break on Wednesday after a financial settlement was made.

Mr Baron denies he duped his workmates out of a share in the takings, instead claiming he purchased the winning ticket with his own money.

He was in charge of collecting AU$20 each week from members of a workplace syndicate in order to purchase lottery tickets for the group.

His colleagues say it was understood that any winnings would be evenly split.

After winning the November 2014 Powerball draw, Mr Baron initially attempted to conceal the win from his colleagues.

The morning after, Mr Baron called work claiming he was sick. He quit his job four days later, saying he had a serious heart condition, Andrew Panna QC, the lawyer for the syndicate, told the court.

Unfortunately for Mr Baron, when lottery company Tatts Group sent him a congratulatory bottle of champagne, his colleague turned up on his doorstep. Tatts had chosen to use Toll to deliver the gift.

Mr Baron refused to explain to his colleagues where the money came from when he bought a new house and a BMW convertible, the lawyer said.

In May 2015, he admitted he was one of three groups to win the AU$50 million jackpot.

The case will return to court today for final orders.

It is understood Mr Baron's lawyers previous offered the syndicate AU$4000 each if they agreed to waive all legal rights and sign confidentially agreements.

Mr Baron refused to make comment as he left the court, and it's unclear what shape final settlement took.