Trump has respect for Australian PM 'Trumble' - Sean Spicer

If Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is still smarting from being hung up on by Donald Trump, his White House spokesman has rubbed salt into the wound by mispronouncing his name.

Answering questions following the leaked details of the fiery phone call between the two leaders, press secretary Sean Spicer twice referred to Mr Turnbull as "Mr Trumble".

During the phone call on Saturday (local time), it's reported Mr Trump took umbrage at a refugee re-settlement deal struck between his predecessor Barack Obama and Mr Turnbull.

The two countries agreed the US would take 1250 refugees from Australia's offshore detention centres on Manus Island and Nauru.

But Mr Trump apparently blasted the deal, calling it "the worst ever" and accused Australia of trying to "export the next Boston bombers", according to The Washington Post.

He later tweeted, saying he'd study the "dumb deal" and called the refugees "illegal immigrants".

Asked for clarity on the tweet, Mr Spicer reiterated the president was "extremely disappointed" in the deal.

"The president had a very cordial conversation with Prime Minister Trumble where they went through an extensive discussion of this deal," he said.

"The president is unbelievably disappointed in the previous administrations deal that was made and how poorly it was crafted, and the threat to national security he put the United States under."

He reiterated Mr Trump's "respect" for Australians and "Prime Minister Trumble".

"[Trump] does not like it, but out of respect for him he's going to allow that process, continue to study and allow to move forward, under the conditions that have been set. That there will be extreme vetting on every single one of those individuals."

At a speech to US steelworkers in Washington DC on Thursday (local time), Mr Trump continued his public stoush with Mr Turnbull, saying he needed to make "tough phone calls" because countries were taking advantage of America.

"It's time we have to be a little tough folks.

"We are taken advantage of by every nation in the world virtually.

"It's not going to happen anymore."