Trump's cheap shot at Hillary Clinton over fighter jets

President Donald Trump has taken a swipe at Hillary Clinton, suggesting she would never have been able to negotiate a deal he just signed for new military planes.

Mr Trump was in a cheery mood after announcing the contract, which he claims is "one of the biggest orders in the history of aviation", for production of more F-35 fighter jets for the US and its allies.

At the conference, he thanked manufacturer Lockheed Martin and its chief executive Marillyn Hewson for agreeing to the deal - and a price reduction of US$700 million (NZ$968m).

"Lockheed Martin has just announced 1800 new jobs and US plants are doing a great job and we started negotiating with them a little bit on the F-35," Mr Trump said.

"They cut their price a little bit. Thank you very much. [Ms Hewson's] tough, but it worked out well, I think, for everybody.

"I have to say this, Marillyn, you're getting a lot of credit because you're doing the right thing. We appreciate it. She cut her price over $700 million, by over $700 million."

Mr Trump then seized the opportunity to have a pop at his rival in the race for the White House, saying Mrs Clinton wouldn't have thought to have pushed for a price cut in the same way he did.

"Do you think Hillary would have asked for $700 million? Oh boy. I assume you wanted her to win, but you know what? You're going to do great and make more planes.

"It's going to work out the same or better."