Two-second parking offender faces court

An American woman was forced to take the stand at the Providence Municipal Court in Rhode Island over a two-second parking violation.

The defendant, only known as Sarah, stood in front of Chief Judge Frank Caprio, who began reading out her charge before dissolving into giggles.

"Sarah, you have one ticket on Cushing Street, no parking [from] 8 to 10[am], and you were there at, oh no!" he said.

The ticket was issued at 9:59:58.

Judge Caprio continued: "you can't park there until 10 o'clock. You violated city ordinances."

The rest of the courtroom giggled.

Sarah then had the audacity to blame it on her clock.

"My car clock said 10," she argued.

"Oh now you're blaming the car clock?" Judge Caprio said.

"What does justice demand in this case? Is this jail?"

In the end he decided that 9:59:10 was "close enough" to 10am, and dismissed the case.