UK MP caught dabbing in parliament

A British politician has raised eyebrows after appearing to dab following UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's stirring discourse on the government's approach to the health system.

The dab, a hip-hop-based dance move that rose to prominence in 2016, is often used as a way to celebrate a victory or express pride in a particular outcome.

Labour's deputy party leader Tom Watson was clearly pleased with his colleague's impassioned speech, which berated Prime Minister Theresa May for not investing heavily enough in the health system.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, the 50-year-old was coy on whether he actually meant to pull the move, but admitted to knowing what it was and to having done it before.

"Did I do a dab?" he asked. "I've been doing them with my kids in the holidays so I may have inadvertently done one."