US wedding called off after families brawl

 Bradley Moss and Amy Bzura before wedding lawsuit Facebook
Bradley Moss and Amy Bzura before the bitter legal battle (Facebook)

A United States couple engaged for nearly a year are now in a bitter legal battle after a brawl erupted in the midst of their wedding rehearsal dinner.

Manhattan-based couple Bradley Moss and Amy Bzura were meant to be married in October last year.

The night before their lavish US$325,000 ($452,583) ceremony, the groom's parents hosted a dinner for those attending the reception the next day.

During the event, the bride's brother, Adam Bzura, was preparing to make a "heartfelt toast" and present a video tribute, the Daily Mail reported.

But according to the ongoing lawsuit, Mr Moss' 65-year-old father Robert "inexplicably and angrily declared that Adam was not allowed to speak at the dinner," before asking "Do you know what I can do to you?"

A fight broke out between the families, with the groom's brother ultimately punching the bride's brother in the mouth.

The costly ceremony was cancelled, the Daily Mail said, and Ms Bzura was locked out of the apartment she shared with Mr Moss.

Mr Moss then filed a lawsuit against Ms Bzura for the US$125,000 (NZ$174,070) engagement ring he had given her.

The case is still pending in court.

The parents of the former couple are also in a disagreement over who foots the bill for the cancelled US$1,100-a-head wedding reception.