US woman dead after getting stuck in clothing bin

row of clothing bins Getty
She broke her wrist when her stool collapsed underneath her (Getty)

A woman is dead after she was left dangling from a clothing bin in Pennsylvania for more than six hours. 

An autopsy has revealed Judith Permar, 56, died from hypothermia after getting her arm stuck in the clothing donation drop-off bin. 

Police Chief Brian Hollenbush told Ms Permar was collecting bags of clothing out of the bin on Sunday (local time), with reports some were articles of clothing were littered on the ground around her. 

The Northumberland County woman used a step stool to reach the bin when it collapsed beneath her. Her left arm became stuck in the box and her feet were left hanging above the ground. Her wrist and arm were broken, meaning she was unable to get herself out. 

Winter temperatures in Pennsylvania tend to average around -2 degC overnight. 

She was found dead around six hours after she found herself stuck. 

Ms Permar leaves behind her husband, three sons, one daughter and four grandchildren. Her daughter posted on Facebook that their family are just "learning to cope with the loss of such an amazing wife, mother, sister and friend". 

"She was such a fun loving person and we know it would mean the world to her to say 'See you Again.'"