Vandals strip every single chair from Sydney train carriage

Police in Sydney are on the hunt for vandals who stripped all the seats in a train carriage and stacked them up in a pile in front of a stairwell.

Sydney commuter Steve Mateer photographed the unusual scene on Tuesday, posting on Facebook: "Just a usual night, finished work, go to sit upstairs on the train and then...ok apparently not sitting upstairs."

He told Seven News he was "bewildered" people would go to such lengths.

"The station staff came in and were like 'Oh you've got to get out of here, this isn't good. We'll have to seal up the carriage, move onto another one'," Mr Mateer said.

Police believe three people were responsible for the carnage - but they will have a hard job tracking them down as the train did not have CCTV cameras.

NSW TrainLink chief executive Rob Mason said police would be reviewing security footage taken at train stations to catch the vandals.

"This sort of mindless vandalism is extremely frustrating and potentially leads to extra costs and inconvenience for our customers," he said.