'Wall of flames' as bush fires rage through NSW

Residents who've lost everything in the New South Wales bush fires have shared their heart-breaking stories.

Firefighters are still battling more than 80 blazes and some volunteers have lost their own homes while trying to protect other people's.

Three people, including a 13-year-old boy, were arrested, accused of deliberately lighting fires.

The flames lit the night sky as they roared through the small rural town of Uarbry.

Resident Dan Morice says there was a "wall of flames".

"It was very frightening, we actually bolted for about an hour because it nearly took us out up the road," he says.

The fast-moving blaze tore through homes, buildings and paddocks. The town was all but wiped out but incredibly there was no loss of life.

There were similar scenes in nearby Cassilus.

"It was real quick, I've never seen nothing like it and I used to fight fires," farmer Warren Jarvis says.

He lost everything in the blaze.

"My house, my shed, my dog kennels, my dogs, 20 cattle, sheep, cats, I've got nothing left - totally wiped out."

Volunteer firefighters endured temperatures of up to 55degC as they rushed to help neighbours.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says volunteers fighting to save other properties lost their own.

Fires burnt through 50,000 hectares of land across Dunedoo and Mudgee in NSW's central west.

More than 80 fires are still burning, 23 are uncontained, but cooler temperatures have provided some relief.

"We're not out of the woods, but we're past those catastrophic conditions over the weekend," Ms Berejiklian says.


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