Woman to marry 89yo former homeless man

  • 18/02/2017

Joan Neininger, 88, first met the man she'll marry in 1975 when he was homeless and going through her bin looking for scraps.

She took pity on him and made him cups of tea and sandwiches. They soon became friends - and after the death of her husband they fell in love.

Now, she'll tie the knot with 89-year-old Ken Selway on her birthday - four days after Valentine's Day.

"I asked him: 'If I asked you to marry me, would you?' And he laughed. He thought it was so funny. And then he nodded," Ms Neininger says.

"It was like Laurel and Hardy. It wasn't romantic."

It hasn't been an easy road towards marriage. They've spent years battling Ken's schizophrenia and housing difficulties.

"When I was on the street, it was terrible. Cold wind. Rain," Mr Selway says.

"Now, I've got this."