Woman won't stop spending at Kmart, boyfriend complains


A "disgruntled fiancé" has reached out to Kmart Australia voicing his anger that the chain's cheap and appealing products are getting in the way of his relationship.

Alex Gadd wrote to Kmart last week explaining his fiancé was spending too much time and money at their store.

"I am sick of coming home at least once a week to a new candle holder, frame, pot or pot stand," he says.

"A man can only take so much and I am at my limit."

"Your products are too appealing and too cheap for her to resist."

Unfortunately for Alex, his future wife (for now anyway) also has plans to put Kmart products in his garage.

"She even suggested putting a light shade in MY garage," he says.

Kmart was quick to respond - not exactly showing the sympathetic response Alex was hoping for.

"Hi Alex, we're so sorry to hear that our highly appealing homewares and everyday low prices are driving a wedge between you and your fiancée," they said.

"Unfortunately, we do have new products coming out all the time and the likelihood of them arriving in your home seems high - it may be worth investing in some kind of blindfold before this happens."

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