YouTube comedian abuses Muslim women for not petting his dog

A dog owner has publicly shamed two women who appear to be Middle Eastern in a Youtube rant - claiming they wouldn't pet his dog because they were Muslim.

Forest Thomer, who claims to be a YouTube star and free speech advocate, said they "flipped out and started acting crazy" after he asked them to pet his dog.

He then followed them and filmed them while asking why they wouldn't pat his "f*****g dog" before screaming and launching a vile expletive-riddled rant.

"This has nothing to do with tolerance or any of the other BS I see in the media, these are people that literally won't pet dogs because it's against their religion and think that people who have pet dogs are demons," he wrote on YouTube.

"When it's against your religion to pet a dog, you really need to get out of America."

However his behaviour has been called out by commenters.

"You're a douche. It's one thing when someone comes over to you wanting to pet your dog. It's another (douchey) thing when you bother people telling them to pet your dog. And I don't believe for one second they were 'exaggerating acting crazy' when you walked by," one said.

"Imagine another culture which is very interested in spiders, they love having them with them at all times, and let it crawl on their shoulders," a commenter called Noah wrote.

"Now imagine someone from this culture comes up to you and tries to get you to hold their spider, if you're afraid of spiders you won't want anything to do with it even though they love their spiders. Try to see s*** from other people's perspective every now and then, you might just feel this thing call empathy."