7-11 customer films racist tirade over a hotdog

An Australian has gone on a racist tirade at a Queensland 7-11 store - all because he couldn't get a hotdog. 

The closing of the convenience store for 90 minutes for cleaning was less than convenient for the hungry man, who was so mad he filmed his own outburst.  

The three-minute clip on YouTube shows the man mercilessly attacking the store attendant, who he presumes is Indian, in an expletive-ridden rant.

He mocks his handwriting on the note he put on the door informing customers of the temporary closure, and demands to be let in over and over.

The unidentified patron says the attendant is "denying the Australian customers when you're in our country," blaming him for the declining state of the entire nation. 

"Mohammed, this is why Australia's going to sh*t," he yells.