A woman scorned: Ex sells cheating boyfriend's stuff at garage sale

  • 20/03/2017

A Melbourne university student has got the ultimate revenge on her ex-boyfriend after he cheated on her and left her with a broken heart.

Heidi Ruuhonen, 26, has taken to selling all her former beau's things in a garage sale at her residence in the city.

She revealed to 7 News that while a break-up experience is never going to be easy, the way her relationship came to an end was far worse than most.

"No, it wasn't a very good break-up - it was a pretty bad break-up - so we thought we will just make some fun of it," she said, pointing to her ex's gear, which was strewn across her driveway.

Ms Ruuhonen says all the proceeds she makes from the sale of her ex-boyfriend's belongings will be used to fund an overseas trip she is planning.