Abused rottweiler finds a new family

An abused Rottweiler who had his nose, ears and tail cut off has had a second chance at life, after being adopted by a new family. 

The Michigan Humane Society rescued the dog from the streets of southwest Detroit.

"His injuries are really severe, so we're keeping a really close eye on him," MHS social media coordinator Valerie Bennett told The Huffington Post at the time. 

"You wouldn't expect him to be the nicest dog, but he truly is. He's one of the nicest dogs that I've met."

Baron went under the surgeon's knife to have his nose reconstructed by the shelter medicine team. 

Now sporting a fixed up face, Baron will be heading home with a new family, after Michigan woman Lauren read about the Rottweiler's plight online. She told US Weekly she texted her partner Todd soon after, saying "I found our next dog". 

"I was very sad," Laura said of the moment she learned about Baron's treatment. Todd added, "I was pretty mortified that somebody could take that [anger] out an animal, a defenceless animal."

The couple has adopted rescue dogs before so they knew the responsibility it involved. They said they're excited to home the dog that they chose, and who "chose us".