Good bloody luck: The town that plans to ban swearing

swearing rochdale united kingdom manchester
The council wants to create a more family friendly place (Getty)

A UK town's proposal to fine pottymouths has residents and human rights activists saying 'no f***ing way'.

Rochdale Borough Council in Greater Manchester has put forward a plan for a 'public spaces protection order' for its town centre, which could see the foul-mouthed hit with a fine, a warning or asked to move on - which could make them want to swear again.

Under the proposal, begging, loitering, playing loud music, loudly revving car engines and unauthorised charity collections could also be banned, with those under 18 barred from the town centre between 11pm and 6am, the Manchester Evening News reports.

But while it's still in its early stages, it's already been criticised by human rights group Liberty, which is calling the proposal bullshit, labelling it a "staggering misuse of power".

"These proposals would unjustifiably curb the rights and freedoms of Rochdale residents," spokesperson Lara ten Caten told the Manchester Evening News.

Council spokesperson Richard Farnell defended the plan, saying it is aimed at a "small minority spoiling it" for everyone else.

"There have been instances, particularly with people who have been drinking, who have been shouting and swearing aggressively at shoppers," he says.

It would give police and council officers the power to enforce the order, which would "make our community a safer, more pleasant place".

Mr Farnell hoped the consultation process would make for a "grown-up discussion" about the proposal.